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We have received a lot of questions about FILIP from parents, and we love it. Thank you for your interest and please keep the questions coming. I can’t wait for parents and their children to experience it firsthand later this year.



As we work towards answering every email and comment, I wanted to personally reply to the most common questions in the meantime. You can be the first to know exclusive news, information and updates about FILIP when you register at

The answers to some great questions we have been asked through social media are below:

Is my child the right age for a FILIP?

We spoke with many parents who said they were wary of giving their young children cell phones for several reasons, including age-inappropriate features like Internet access, e-mail, social media, and the risk of cyber bullying. Additionally, parents believe cell phones are too complicated to use and too easily misplaced by their kids. In fact, nearly 70% of parents believe children shouldn’t have a smartphone until they are 13 years old. But they would love another way to be able to stay in touch. This is why FILIP was designed by parents for kids between 5 and 12 years old, with features that matter most and are appropriate for little ones.

Who can call my child’s FILIP?

You, as the parent, will be in complete control of the FILIP’s settings through the mobile app. You choose the numbers that can be called, and reached by the FILIP. The list is very easy to create and update, and since it’s maintained through an app on your smartphone, it’s always accessible to you.


How is FILIP secured on my child’s wrist? I noticed a gap in the wristband.

We started with a traditional closed watch-like wrist strap, but overall, children didn’t like it. Since the classic buckle was a little too difficult for kids to fasten and unfasten, they saw the device as a little restrictive. It’s important that FILIP is thought of as a friend, not as a restraint, so we set out to create a solution that would be secure, yet cool-looking and kid-friendly.

The design you see now stays in place on even the most active adventures, but it’s removable when it needs to be. In testing, kids overwhelmingly preferred this design. It will be available in two sizes to ensure an optimal fit, and over time there will be additional accessories and designs available.

Will FILIP be available in my country?

FILIP is launching in the USA in 2013, but with interest and excitement from parents around the world we are looking to expand into more countries.

When is the release date?

FILIP will be available for pre-order in Q3 of 2013 and will be on sale before the end of the year. Register now at to be the first to know when we announce the official release date.

Will FILIP be limiting my child’s freedom?

Not at all. The idea for FILIP started with an experience between a father and son, namely, my son Filip and I. (Click LEARN ABOUT FILIP to see that story.) The FILIP device is designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship by allowing for more adventures and communication together, even when apart.

We are so connected in today’s world, between smartphones, wireless internet and different forms of communication, but I noticed a void when it comes to staying connected with your children. The only option available to me after I had briefly lost Filip was a smartphone or GPS tracker, but neither of these are really suitable for children.

Like all parents, we believe that kids need freedom to explore their curiosity, to go on adventures, discover new things, and just be kids. That is the freedom that FILIP is designed to help parents give their children, while staying in touch, and at the same time giving parents a new window and insight into their children’s lives.

Thank you for all your questions. Please visit the FAQ page on for popular inquiries and additional information. My team and I will continue to address all your comments and questions on the FILIP Facebook page.